RIC Australian Curriculum Health- Year Two (Revised Edition 2023)

Product Code RIC-8550


Help your students become healthy, safe, active and informed citizens with R.I.C. Publications’ newly revised Australian Curriculum Health series. Through a range of engaging, strengths-based lessons, students will gain the skills and understanding needed to take positive action in our rapidly changing world.

  • Updated content and a range of engaging new lessons that address gender roles, stereotypes, permission and consent.
  • Scope and sequence charts for Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 and Health focus areas.
  • Access link to digital scope and sequence charts for the Australian Curriculum (Versions 8.4 and 9.0), NESA Health syllabus, Victorian curriculum and Western Australian Curriculum.
  • Easy-to-follow lessons and flexible unit structure organised by Health sub-strands (Identities and change; Interacting with others; Making healthy and safe choices).
  • Assessment indicators in each lesson to help monitor students’ understanding and progress.
  • Additional activity suggestions to extend or develop concepts taught in each lesson.
  • Differentiation information to help teachers adjust lessons to fit the needs of their students.
  • A teacher guide to support the delivery of Relationships and Sexuality topics, including a send-home parent information letter.