Targeting Writing Skills Year 6

Product Code 9781925726299


Targeting Writing Skills Year 6 is a comprehensive program that teaches students the basic structure of the three main types of texts: Informative, Imaginative and Persuasive, and the fundamentals of grammar.

This book is split into 4 terms with 8 units. In every term, two units explore each text type with an annotated model text.

The units are presented using a gradual release of responsibility model in which:

  • Information is presented and explained in a detailed model. (I do)
  • Students are supported to identify features of the model (We do)
  • Students use the model as a guide to writing a text of their own about a given stimulus. (You do)

During the writing process students learn:

  • to incorporate the required structure and parts of speech
  • to plan, draft and receive feedback on their text before writing a revised draft
  • to conduct a self-evaluation at the conclusion to determine how well they adhered to the structure and included appropriate pats of speech.

The final unit in each term provides students with additional practice in writing, either an imaginative or persuasive text, by innovating on an existing text to change characters, setting or point of view. As these are the two main text types that students encounter in NAPLAN assessments, the additional practice helps prepare them for the tests. A review of the work that has been covered concludes the term with answers provided at the back of the book.