Targeting Science Year Three

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The Year 3 Targeting Science Activity book is packed with interesting and exciting activities to help you understand and enjoy science at home or school.

The book has been written to support the Australian Primary Science Curriculum Version 9.0 and is divided between:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Earth & Space Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Chemical SciencesThe Science Understanding and Inquiry Skills elements (including Science as a Human Endeavour) are embedded. Hands-on activities provide opportunities to bring the science concepts to life. The exercises develop process skills such as observing, collecting, recording and organising information and making models of scientific events that happen in the natural world. All activities use easily sourced, inexpensive items.Topics are introduced with explanations plus images to provide background information. Some lessons include a QR code where you can access a video for further explanations. You will be challenged to match, sort, label, sequence, analyse and answer questions with regular vocabulary practice puzzles throughout the book to help familiarise you with scientific terms.