Structured Synthetic Phonics & Spelling Book 1

Product Code 9781925487817


Series Overview

Structured Synthetic Phonics & Spelling (SSPS) is an early literacy spelling series that follows a synthetic phonics teaching sequence. The content is designed to be taught over a three-year period. The student workbooks and teacher resource books are utilised simultaneously, with the goal of supporting busy educators to achieve the curriculum-required workload. SSPS has been created to address phonic updates to the reading and spelling components of the Australian curriculums. 

Student Workbooks

From books F to 2, children learn, revise and extend the 44 sounds of English. The program introduces short vowel sounds and commonly used consonants first, then adjacent consonants, digraphs, and long vowel sounds.

The focus word lists include many phonetically decodable high-use words (tier) in the weekly word lists. High-use words occur most frequently in printed materials and are vital as they contribute to fluency and comprehension. In addition to this, harder extension words are also included.

The student workbooks have a child-centered design, with vibrant and colourful graphics. Activities are engaging and include recognising phonological patterns, decoding, blending and segmenting, onset and rime, rhyme, alliteration, syllabification, and many more stimulating tasks.