Reading for Me: Level 1

Product Code 9781922843609


Why choose Reading for me?

  • It is written in line with the National Literacy Progressions, so teachers and parents can be assured that children’s reading skills are developed as they progress through the series.
  • A dyslexia-friendly font is used throughout the workbooks.
  • It is extremely quick and easy for teachers to implement in their classroom or to assign as homework.
  • Questions consolidate reading and comprehension and allow teachers to check that children actually read and comprehend the texts.
  • It is easy for children to use independently, allowing them to take control of their reading journey, or with a parent’s assistance.


  • Each year level has two workbooks containing 15 weeks of texts each (4 texts per week). Part A is a physical workbook (60 texts) and Part B is available online (additional 60 texts).
  • Children are encouraged to read one text each day at home (Monday to Thursday). This equates to 120 texts per year level.
  • A number of different text types are included to provide variety and interest.
  • Each text has an accompanying worksheet with six questions for children to complete so teachers and parents can monitor reading success.
  • Answers are provided (in books and online) for teachers and parents to check progress, or for children to self-mark.