Oxford Maths Student & Assessment Book Foundation Value Pack *New*

Product Code 9780190341848


Oxford Maths features:

  • Student Books with guided, independent and extend practice to cater for differentiation
  • Assessment Books featuring full-page pre- and post-tests for every topic
  • Student Dashboards with adaptive pre-tests, practice quizzes, post-tests, and digital access to the Student Book
  • Teacher Dashboards with access to a wealth of teaching resources and support materials
  • Updated grading guide for the Assessment Books via the Teacher dashboard

This series:

  • has been designed by experienced classroom teachers to support sequential acquisition of mathematical skills, concepts, and knowledge
  • is based on a developmental approach that incorporates initial scaffolding, which is gradually reduced to allow students to become confident and independent mathematicians
  • is fully aligned with the Australian and Victorian Curricula, and the NSW Syllabus.

Each Student Book is packaged with a corresponding Assessment Book and sold as a Value Pack. Teacher and Student Dashboards are free when booklisting or can be sold separately.