RIC Australian Curriculum Science – Year Two (Revised Edition 2023)

Product Code RIC-8557


Guide your students through their science inquiry with the newly revised Australian Curriculum Science series. It is fully aligned to V9.0 of the curriculum, so you’ll be ready to teach, with this easy-to-follow series that also incorporates science literacy. Students are introduced to each topic through a text with accompanying comprehension questions, and then engage in a hands-on activity or experiment.


  • updated and refined content, with a range of engaging new lessons that include the recognition of First Nations Australians as the first Australian scientists
  • the Science as a human endeavour strand integrated into each unit
  • ‘Ponder points’, suggesting content-, process-, product- or environment-based strategies, to help teachers adjust lessons to support the different needs of their students
  • ‘Measure in a minute’ quick assessment suggestions for each lesson and/or an optional integrated unit assessment at the end of each unit
  • scope and sequence charts for the Australian Curriculum, Version 9.0 and an access link to a digital planning tool
  • flexible use of the series, as the basis for a science program, as a support resource, or to provide further practice or reinforcement of science learning.