Macquarie Pocket Dictionary 5e

Product Code 9780730382133


This fifth edition of the Macquarie Pocket Dictionary belongs to the proud pedigree of the Macquarie Dictionary, widely recognised as Australia’s national dictionary. The highly successful Pocket draws on the same research and lexical database to create the most authoritative, up-to-date and definitive record of Australian English currently available in a pocket format.

Written in a clear and accessible style for a home, school and office audience, the Pocket contains:
• more than 50 000 headwords, phrases and run-on headwords
• more than 80 000 definitions
• more than 1000 new entries, such as acai berrybaecryptocurrencyeSportkeep cup and Mx
• more than 6000 encyclopedic entries, including new entries such as BrexitMorrisonpalawa kani and Rohingya
• extensive coverage of specialist categories, useful etymologies and illustrative phrases
• an easy-to-follow pronunciation system
• appendixes on grammar, punctuation and measurement, along with other useful reference lists.

Macquarie Pocket Dictionary — the up-to-date, authoritative guide to Australian English in a compact and durable format.

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