Excel Basic Skills – Spelling and Vocabulary Years 5 – 6

Product Code 9781864412833


Excel Basic Skills: Spelling and Vocabulary Years 5–6 is essential for students who wish to improve their language skills. Basic spelling rules are practised through activities which present them in context. Units include silent letters, plurals, capitals, suffixes and prefixes, similes, homophones and synonyms. Interesting exercises help children increase their vocabulary and gain confidence in reading and writing. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of all the spelling rules essential for students wanting to learn how to spell properly. The activities in this book also focus on increasing your child’s vocabulary.

In this book your child will find:

  • over 60 units covering the basic rules of spelling and vocabulary
  • a wide variety of interesting activities
  • a mastery test for each level to measure progress
  • a lift-out answer section