Excel Basic Skills – Comprehension and Written Expression Year 3

Product Code 9781864412789


Excel Comprehension and Written Expression Year 3 is essential for any student wishing to improve their comprehension skills. It allows students to practice skills such as finding facts, making references, isolating relevant information, understanding questions and paragraphs, and using tables of contents, indexes, maps and graphs to find information.

This book uses a range of text types so that the student will feel confident in a variety of situations. Text types are usually broken into two broad categories.

These are:

  • literary texts: include narratives, poetry and scripts
  • factual texts: include explanations, expositions, information reports, recounts and procedures

In this book your child will find:

  • over 60 graded units of stimulating exercises and extracts
  • a wide variety of questions including true or false, multiple choice, short answer and sentence completion
  • extracts from many different literary and factual text types
  • a lift-out answer section