Enrich-e-matics Book 4

Product Code 9780733978593


enrich-e-matics 3rd Edition combines the best from the highly successful series Introducing enrich-e-matics and enrich-e-matics 2nd Ed with new features and content to extend and enrich the mathematics opportunities for all students. A new design and a fresh organisation breathes new life into the fantastic material that has made the enrich-e-matics series a success.

New features in this third edition:

  • All exercises are graded according to difficulty
  • Exercises and activities have been grouped into mathematics strands – Number and Patterns & Algebra, Chance & Data, Measurement, Space, and Working Mathematically.
  • Icons are used to indicate when students will need extra paper or equipment to solve problems.
  • Explanations and worked examples are highlighted.
  • Space for students to write answers has been maximised.
  • Multiple choice and true/false questions use shaded bubbles similar to those used in state and national test papers.
  • Answers to all questions have been provided in a removable section in the centre of the book.

Together with the best features of the earlier editions:

  • Concepts and strategies are developed throughout the series.
  • Flexible use of the program is possible to allow for use as a set text or as a supplement to a teacher-developed program.
  • Challenging problems for enrichment and extension are provided.
  • Opportunities are given for reinforcing concepts, skills and problem-solving strategies.