A guide to remote learning for teachers

Teacher educating online during remote learning

The coronavirus pandemic has created unimaginable circumstances for Australian teachers. Switching between face-to-face and at home learning has become the new normal, with the switches often occurring quite suddenly.

When transitioning to home learning, educational resources are absolutely fundamental. Teachers are tasked with equipping students and parents with comprehensive materials so as the syllabus can be delivered remotely. 

During this demanding time, teachers may be searching for additional resources to help support their students and enhance the learning from home program.

The good news is that publishers have responded. You’ll find broadened product bases, with more digital offerings as well as extended traditional printed resources. 

In this article, you will learn about some of our top resources to help teachers deliver.

Here are our favourite educational resources for learning at home:


eBook Library for Letters and Sounds – Oxford University Press

eBook Library for Letters and Sounds – Oxford University Press is a 12-month eBook library school licence consisting of 100 different titles aimed at K-2.  This one ticks the box for both remote learning and decodable readers, which is emphasised heavily in the new curriculum. The online library is organised and searchable by letters, sounds, sets and phrases. It’s ideal for providing students with the correct level to match their individual ability and stage.

Children will be delighted by the return of known characters from the previous Oxford series. The decodable reading books help progress students through phonics, with each phase exploring progressive awareness around phonemes, grapheme-phoneme correspondence, blending and alternative spelling and pronunciation. 


Firefly Education

 Firefly Education are leaders in student digital offerings. For example, their Think Mentals Digital Classroom resource provides daily mental maths exercises in a friendly format. The platform provides engaging videos and slideshows. These can also be accessed on student devices for revision. To test knowledge, there is an online questions component. 

These questions are automatically marked, and an activity tracker shows areas of student strength and weakness. All results are captured and consolidated, which is ideal for reporting.


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