A guide to remote learning: 4 ways to support your child in learning at home

Primary school student learning from home

As Australia grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have transitioned between face-to-face learning in schools, and remote learning at home.

As the virus changes, these switches often come in place without much notice. As such, teachers, parents and students have needed to pivot quickly. Agility has proved to be vital.

Parents have endured the challenge of providing an orderly and productive learning environment for their child, as they guide the process. There are a methods and resources which can help the switch as smooth as possible.

This article will explore our top 4 tips:


  1. Implement Practical Strategies
  2. Find the right tools and resources
  3. Try a learning from home pack
  4. Be organised, and stock up on the essentials


Implement Practical Strategies

There are practical strategies you can implement to help your child transition to the learning from home arrangement, and stay on-track.

These strategies include:

  • Follow a learning plan

Your child’s teacher may have created a learning plan using the template available from the NSW Department of Education. Following this plan is a great way to stay on track.

  • Making a daily routine

Implementing a routine can help your child adjust to the new remote learning environment, and be focused

  • Prioritise mental health

Setting aside dedicated time for exercise and breaks to prevent burn-out, and re-enforce the daily routine


Find the right tools & resources (for your child, and for you!)

Parents will be familiar with the challenge of navigating the remote learning program. Interpreting the learning materials can be testing. However, there are online tools and resources to help parents find their feet. The right resources can certainly help parents understand the process, limit disorder, and make a smooth learning environment.

The NSW Department of Education website offers support for parents and carers, including a comprehensive guide to recommended resources. Here, you will find several tools for learning remotely, ranging from apps, to websites, and online activities. Importantly, the guide also suggests 9 ways for parents to take care of themselves.

Of course, the website also offers a range of educational resources provided by the Department of Education. Head to the digital learning resources hub to access resource cards. You can browse cards by year of education, learning area, type and source.

There is also an everyday maths hub,  designed to help enhance children’s mathematical skills with fun and practical activities across a wide range of topics.


Try a learning from home pack

LJ Harper learning from home packs are a quick, easy and effective way to provide your child with a bundle of resources. The comprehensive pack includes fundamentals across both literacy and numeracy. The bundle includes educational materials from leading Australian educational publishes. Explore bundles for years K-6.


Be organised & have the essentials

Organisation is key when it comes to creating a functional learning environment. It may be obvious, but not having the required stationery can be an inconvenient interruption. Remember the essentials, from pens, pencils and erasers through to compass sets and rulers.  

LJ Harper supplies a range of Staedtler Kits. With our speedy delivery, it’s a great way to get your hands on what you need, without queuing up in-store.  The prepacked stationery kits contain various amounts of essentials. Choose from complete, jumbo, core and essential.

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